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China accounted for 95 per cent of the world’s new coal power construction activity in 2023, according to the latest annual report from Global Energy Monitor (GEM).
The global market for e-bikes is surging. These bicycles, usually equipped with pedals and an electric motor assist, are popular with consumers and commuters and are becoming part of local business delivery systems. The trend could significantly reduce particulate pollution and smog, as well as cut carbon emissions in the transportation sector.
Eco hell note
The 'Eco Hell note' claims to burn faster and with less smoke than traditional joss paper, reducing the air pollution that affects Singaporean neighbourhoods during around Chinese religious festivals. But is it just a gimmick?
A study examining short-term exposure to 'spikes' in air pollution reveals that these incidents contribute to 1 million deaths annually, highlighting research that urges a policy response, especially as poorer countries bear the heaviest burden.
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To restore Earth’s stability, governments must recognise the need to respect the nine planetary boundaries. This requires a steadfast commitment to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and protecting biodiversity and water resources.
Air pollution is a 'silent killer', say former New Zealand PM and former WHO chief scientist.
Suralaya coal-fired power plant
The Just Energy Transition Partnership is not the triumph the current president claims it is. It is a debt trap. The new president should turn their back on a flawed energy transition legacy and adopt a bolder path towards net-zero that leaves no one behind.
Traffic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Despite some progress in improving air quality, Malaysia needs policies to combat new challenges including climbing transport emissions.
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Manila, Philippines
Studio EB If a real estate development can reduce energy and water consumption – and emit fewer carbon emissions – it is built to last, Oliver Chan tells the Eco-Business podcast. The key, however, is to first educate future homeowners and businesses that going green does not mean breaking the bank.
Air pollution in Beijing
Has Covid-19 really improved air quality? Eco-Business spoke to air pollution epidemiologist Dr Vivian Pun about the real air quality story behind the pandemic, and what the virus is telling us about tackling the world's most underrated environmental issue.
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