Lean Six-Sigma National Convention - Oct'11, Pune

Lean and Six-Sigma National Convention - 2011, Pune

» About The Convention

With an objective of increasing Lean and Six-Sigma awareness and fostering Business Excellence initiatives - National Convention has been organized at Pune in partnership with LASSIB. Attendees would get an opportunity to learn about various case studies in Lean and Six-Sigma initiatives by various organizations.

Lean and Six Sigma International Board (LASSIB) is a non-profit organization driven by a vision to create and maintain the world’s most useful resource centre and certification programs for Lean and Six-Sigma, which will be available at the lowest possible cost.

» Convention Theme - Indian Model of Lean and Six-Sigma

Lean and Six-Sigma methodologies have been here since past few decades. And many companies have enjoyed variety of benefits by using these techniques. India as one of the fastest developing countries can achieve a lot by integrating these techniques and methods in industry as well as education sector. Convention theme will focus on Lean and Six-Sigma adoption in India and it’s way forward.

You can download the convention brochure here.

» Who Should Attend ?

This convention is an excellent opportunity for you to attend and take the most out of it; especially if…

  • You are planning to roll-out Lean, Six-Sigma or any other Business Excellence initiative in your organization OR
  • You are in midway of implementation and need more information, knowledge, help or tips for navigating further OR
  • You are just new to Lean and Six-Sigma and want to know and learn more about it

Even otherwise, this could be an excellent opportunity for you to meet people from different industries and Lean, Six-Sigma fraternity where you could share knowledge and experiences.

» Convention Date & Venue

October 15, 2011, Saturday

Hotel Aurora Towers, MG Road, Pune, Maharashtra - INDIA.

» Confirmed Speakers

  • Mr. Anup Jain, Head of Quality Assurance - Tata Motors Ltd.
  • Mr. B. N. Shukla, Head of Quality & Lean Six-Sigma - Jabil Circuit
  • Mr. Krishna Iyer, CEO - ZenTEST Labs
  • Mr. Mukund Kulkarni, President - CMIA
  • Mr. Pavan Kota, President - LASSIB
  • Mr. Subrata Pal, Director & Group Head (PM) - National Productivity Council (NPC)
  • Mr. T. Anand, CEO & Managing Director - Knewron

Session details coming soon…

» Registrations

  • For professionals : 750/-
  • For students : 500/-

You can download the registration form here OR click here for online registrations.

Sponsor/exhibitor contact

Anand Timboli
[javascript protected email address]

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