International Youth Art Contest SHE IS MORE Returns, Honoring Women’s Defiance Worldwide

International Youth Art Contest SHE IS MORE Returns, Honoring Women's Defiance Worldwide

SHE IS MORE Youth Art Contest Calls for Entries: Express Defiance through Art on the Global Stage

Introducing the SHE IS MORE art competition, presented by the IIX Foundation. In 2023/2024, IIX Foundation celebrates the strength and courage of women and girls who break free from societal norms. The theme, SHE IS DEFIANT, embodies their bravery and the unwavering spirit of those boldly facing challenges.

All youths (and all genders) within the age group of 10 – 18 years old with a passion for art from all over the world are welcome to apply. We encourage artists to infuse their work with courage, resilience, and joyful rebellion against societal norms and injustices. Through their creations, artists celebrate the voices of those daring to be different, inspiring others to embrace their acts of defiance with optimism for a brighter future. Whether it’s a painting, a sketch, or digital art, IIX Foundation celebrates all kinds of talent as long as the artwork can be displayed flat.

This competition goes beyond just showcasing children’s artistic talents; it serves a greater purpose. Every year, IIX Foundation channels 100 per cent of the SHE IS MORE proceeds towards fostering inclusion by providing technology training for underserved women, offering art therapy for women marginalised by society, and supporting medical care for children born with incurable genetic skin conditions. The IIX Foundation is committed to advocating for and supporting inclusion in action.

In recognition of the artists’ dedication and talent, we’re thrilled to award the top-performing artists from each age group category with cash prizes:

  • 1st place: SGD$500
  • 2nd place: SGD$300
  • 3rd place: SGD$100

We accept applications until August 16, 2024. A panel of judges with renowned works in the art field will judge the artworks.

SHE IS MORE 2023/24 is the fourth installment of the flagship program series. To date, over 700 youth artists from across the globe have participated in SHE IS MORE competitions, helping raise close to USD 100,000 for underserved women and communities in the Global South.

If you’d like to participate in SHE IS MORE, register your interest here or donate to the IIX Foundation here. Take action now. Together, let’s make a lasting impact on the lives of women who are overcoming challenges.

About IIX Foundation

IIX Foundation is a registered Singapore charity and US 501(c)3 organisation dedicated to supporting women across all stages of their journey to empowerment. Our focus on the celebration and self-empowerment of women helps them gain respect, ensures their rights, and allows them to leap a journey of sustainability through economic empowerment — while also empowering others around them, enabling more resilient communities to be built in the process.

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