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IMAP-funded SBF Business Mission to Europe


Milan/Italy & Bilbao/ Spain Italy

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Event Title: 6 – 16 Jun IMAP-funded SBF business mission to Europe participating in Power-Gen & Renewable Energy World and International Cleantech Network Meeting

Event Description: SBF is organizing an IMAP –funded Business Mission targeting at Cleantech and Sustainability Sectors in Europe from 6 – 16 June 2011 for our companies to participate in the International Cleantech Network meeting. Our companies will be hosted by Lombardi Energy Cluster, Italy and ACLIMA, Spain as well as Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster of the International Cleantech Network (ICN).


  • Explore Europe’s energy  & environment markets;
  • Identify business and technology collaboration and investment opportunities;
  • Build links with local business, industry and government agency partners to facilitate future collaboration;
  • Study leading edge technology innovations and adoptions;
  • Gain an insight into the market-friendly green policies and incentives that drive the green economy.

KEY HIGHLIGHTS of the mission include:

  • POWER-GEN & Renewable Energy World Europe 2011 (Conference & Exhibition)
  • International Cleantech Network (ICN) Meeting for companies to meet up with cleantech clusters from Austria, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Spain, US, etc.
  • Site Visit to Vitoria-Gasteiz, European Green Capital 2012 Winner
  • Meeting with business, industry and government leaders in cleantech & sustainability cluster in Italy and Spain


Dates Tentative Program 6 Jun (Mon) Flight from Singapore to Milan, Italy 7 June (Tues) POWER-GEN &Renewable Energy World Europe 2011 (Day 1)Meeting with the City Mayor of Milan and government leaders in cleantech and sustainability cluster in Italy 8 June (Wed) POWER-GEN & Renewable Energy World Europe 2011 (Day 2)Hosting of Singapore delegation by Energy Cluster, Italy 9 June (Thurs) POWER-GEN & Renewable Energy World Europe 2011 (Day 3)Business matching arranged by Energy Cluster, Italy 10 June (Fri) POWER-GEN & Renewable Energy World Europe 2011 Post Event Technical Tour Italy-Singapore Networking Session on Energy Session and Environment 11 June (Sat) Free and Easy (Optional Tour in Milan)`Flight to Bilbao, Spain 12 June (Sun) Cultural tour in Bilbao 13 June (Mon) Hosting by City Mayor of Bilbao * Hosting of Singapore Delegation by ACLIMA, Spain * Meeting with business & industry and leaders in cleantech & sustainability cluster in Spain. * Cocktail at Guggenheim Bilbao * ICN Dinner 14 June (Tues) Meeting with Public Authorities * Mtg with ACLIMA Members * Meeting with Cleantech Clusters from Austria, Colorado, Denmark, Italy, North Carolina and Spain * ICN Dinner 15 June (Wed) ICN Meeting * Site Visit to San Sebastian or Vitoria-Gasteiz, European Green Capital 2012 winner * ICN Dinner 16 June (Thurs) Cleantech Cluster Conference * Visit to Iberdrola * Flight home to Singapore

To learn more, please do not hesitate to contact:

Name: Dawn Ng Name: Joanne Wong Tel: (65) 6827-6830 Tel: (65) 6827-6838 Email : Email: Fax: (65) 6827-6807 Fax: (65) 6827-6807

Companies joining the mission trip will be automatically enrolled as a member of SBF Sustainable Development Business Group (SDBG) and invited to join the 25 May (Wed) afternoon (3:30pm – 6pm) Singapore Sustainability Alliance meeting where Singapore’s participation in International Cleantech Network (ICN) and the Jun 11 ICN meeting in Bilbao, Spain will be discussed in more details.

We are more than glad to reveal that IE Singapore’s IMAP funding is available which funds up to 70% of mission’s eligible expenses, providing you with significant cost savings for this trip.

Do not miss our early bird rates and register now!

For more information, please visit:

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