Climate resilience: Aligning disclosure with TCFD recommendations

The decarbonisation agenda has been continually rising in importance and urgency. In the past 12 months, the number of corporates aligning climate disclosure with the recommendations of the TCFD has grown, with over 1,600 supporters and backing from over 110 governments and financial agencies. In November 2020 Rishi Sunak announced the UK government’s intent to mandate climate disclosure by 2025. This followed from a wave of action such as a similar announcement from New Zealand’s government, the declaration from the Monetary Authority of Singapore indicating banks should use the TCFD framework to guide disclosure, and the establishment of COVID-19 relief contingent on TCFD-aligned disclosure in Canada.

The recommendations from the TCFD are a powerful tool. The TCFD framework supports businesses to asses climate resilience and identify and manage climate-related risks and opportunities. Beyond this, TCFD aligned disclosures ensure information is comparable and decision-useful throughout the investment chain.

This webinar will explore the evolving climate policy landscape, and dive into TCFD recommendations to bring clarity to implementation and next steps to achieve TCFD-aligned disclosure.

Our experts will cover:

  • The climate challenge ahead and shifts in the policy landscape
  • The what and why of TCFD and what is driving uptake
  • Examples of how businesses are responding
  • Complexities within the TCFD recommendations
  • Deep dive into climate scenario analysis
  • How operating models need to be adjusted

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