Carbon Accounting & GHG Management (part of Enterprise Sustainability Programme)

About Carbon Accounting & GHG Management - Keys to a Low-Carbon Future

This is a professional certificate course about the global transition to a low-carbon energy system offered by UN Global Compact Network Singapore as one of the Enterprise Sustainability Programme (ESP) Decarbonisation Courses. It is intended to upskill company staff in carbon accounting and greenhouse gas (GHG) management – whether they are at a beginner level or are already fairly experienced in the subject.

The course addresses the foundational questions on why we need to reduce emissions, what the accurate accounting of emissions will help achieve, and how appropriate target setting, and sharing on various approaches and solutions can equip and empower us to reduce emissions.  


Brief Description of the Modules:

Module 1: 

Primary learning objective: To help participants develop an understanding of the importance of climate change, the key relevant developments, and to equip them with basic knowledge and skills to start measuring and recording their business’ carbon footprint.

Main topics are:

  • Greenhouse Gases and an Introduction to Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions accounting 
  • Regulations and Trends in Decarbonisation and Carbon Pricing
  • The Business case for Decarbonisation
  • Measuring Emissions with our Carbon Emissions and Recording Tool (CERT)
  • Project Case study using CERT


Module 2:

Primary learning objective: To help participants understand the basic methodologies for reducing carbon footprint, and discover concrete ideas for projects and opportunities to reduce carbon footprint in their respective industry/sector.

Main topics are:

  • Journey to Net Zero: Setting decarbonization targets and goals
  • General principles of Reducing Carbon Footprint 
  • Project portfolio prioritization using the Marginal Abatement Cost Curve (MACC) tool
  • Offsets and Voluntary Carbon Market 
  • Sector Experts Best Practices
  • Peer Learning Activity


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