Bioplastics: Myth or Solution? Green Drinks August Forum

In recent times, biodegradable plastics have appeared as solutions to the global plastics crisis without demanding any change in consumer habits. Created from biologically based materials, bioplastics claim to be able to decompose completely. It is no wonder then that consumers are quick to jump on the bioplastics trend.

We believe that bioplastic needs more time to finetune its properties before it can save the planet. We must acknowledge that our current value system which places convenience above our health and the health of the planet is not sustainable, and that there is no quick and clean solution to work around this necessary mindset change. Regardless of what the verdict on bioplastics is, it is important for consumers to think critically about the promising solutions that green technologies seem to offer before subscribing whole-heartedly to the vision of sustainability promised by their marketing.

So what are the underlying biases and preconceived notions that we have about the products labelled “bio” or “green”? Are there other “bio”s that we need to be wary of?

Join us at the 112th Green Drinks Monthly Sustainability Forum for a discussion on solutions to the plastic crisis and the realistic impact of clean technologies such as bioplastics.

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Green Initiatives
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