Aquatech Innovation Forum

Aquatech Innovation Forum

This year’s Innovation Forum will be on the 6th of November 2023 in Amsterdam. Get ready for another edition of the Forum, meet other water professionals and listen to the changemakers.

Why a Forum

The one-day interactive conference was added to strengthen the Aquatech Amsterdam activities in 2019.

Based on the principle of Roman city ‘Forums’, which were the centre for social, economical and political activities, the Innovation Forum was designed to disrupt the conventional conference model.

The Innovation Forum will be the third piece of the Aquatech puzzle and completes the trifecta of events taking place in the same week, also including the Aquatech Innovation Award ceremony and large scale, water focused exhibition.

Why Accelerating water agility

We don’t have the time to wait. Water utilities are facing increasing challenges, from the tough impacts of rising energy costs, climate change, impeding regulations and not to mention waves of experienced, skilled staff due to retire.Water companies will need increased agility today, to be better positioned to weather storms of the future.

By aligning action between key stakeholders – utilities, start-ups, investors, and policymakers – the Innovation Forum will play an active part in connecting the dots.

Whether it’s utilities looking for technology solutions to their challenges, start-ups looking for investment, or digital companies wishing to share best practices.

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