Sam Greene

Researcher, Climate Change

Climate finance; climate change adaptation in East Africa; participatory research methods.

Current work:
Action research into the establishment of devolved climate finance mechanisms for climate change adaptation in Tanzania.

Before IIED:
Project manager for Kunyanja School Trust, a grassroots education NGO in Nkhata Bay, Malawi.

Sam Greene's blog posts
Can blockchain unblock climate finance?
20 May 2018 |
Climate change
Funders’ perceptions that there is too much risk in investing at the local level prevents climate finance from making a real difference. Sam Greene discusses whether new technologies can benefit local communities while delivering the confidence donors and investors need to put their money where it matters.

Devolved climate finance approach forges new ways of working between citizens and state
9 May 2018 |
Climate change
Devolved climate finance programmes incorporate local knowledge and community priorities into decisions about how climate finance is planned and budgeted. At CBA 12, practitioners will discuss the different components of these programmes, exploring the environment when they are most effective and why, and sharing experiences from several contexts.

From knowledge to action – how top down training is driving bottom-up resilience in Tanzania
9 March 2015 |
Climate change
Supporting government engagement with communities in Tanzania has identified three key ways in which the government can improve climate resilient planning.

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