Jacqueline Tao

Research Associate, Energy Studies Institute

Tao Yujia, Jacqueline is a Research Associate at the Energy Studies Institute at the National University of Singapore. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration (with Distinction) from Aalto University, formerly known as Helsinki School of Economics and a Masters in Carbon Finance from the University of Edinburgh. As part of her Masters in Carbon Finance degree, she worked with the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), to examine best practices of corporate emissions reduction activities across sectors and countries to identify key practices and potential of transfer of knowledge amongst and between sectors.

Her key research interests focuses on carbon finance and carbon markets and policy/financing mechanisms to accelerate uptake of emission reduction activities such as renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives, although she has also worked on solar, natural gas, electricity markets and energy efficiency projects. In the past few years, Jacqueline has published on the issues of green finance in various internationally recognized journals such as Energy Policy.

Jacqueline is currently working towards her Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and has obtained her Energy Risk Professional (ERP) certification.

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