Kim Beng Lua

Senior Associate, WRI China Sustainable Cities

Kim Lua is a Senior Associate for WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities Health and Road Safety Program in the WRI China office. He has worked on road safety projects that related to transit development, safe accessibility, and non-motorized transportation in China, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Prior to joining WRI, Kim Lua has worked at the New York City Department of Transportation, New York City Department of City Planning, and Southeast Michigan Council of Governments. He has fourteen years of experience in non-motorized transportation planning, pedestrian and bicycle traffic safety, sustainable development, land use, and GIS.

Kim Lua holds a Master of Urban Planning degree from University of Michigan and a Bachelor's degree in Geography from the State University of New York at Binghamton.

Kim Lua is a bicyclist, runner, scuba diver, traveler. and avid eater.

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