Julia Benkert

Lecturer in Management

Julia is an applied researcher in the areas of business sustainability, business ethics, values-oriented decision-making, and sustainable supply chain management. Julia has recently completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne in which she studied the role of inherent values and causal thinking patterns in decision problems involving social, environmental, and economic outcome choices. With its focus on sustainability challenges that procurement and supply chain managers face, the study is directly relevant to a range of Australian industry sectors.

Julia also has extensive experience in consulting and project management. Before moving to Australia in 2011, Julia worked as a management consultant with the B.A.U.M. network in Germany, where she worked with a diversity of public and private stakeholders on addressing challenges ranging from sustainable regional development, energy transitions, CSR, and sustainable value chains.

As a teacher, Julia is passionate about making a contribution to society through engaged teaching that is valued by students for its relevance and encouragement of critical thinking.

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