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Fred Stolle

Fred Stolle is program manager for WRI's Forest Landscape Objective, working on forest governance, forest changes, and their impacts on climate change, and biofuels issues in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia.

He started as a Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote sensing specialist at ITC (Netherlands), UNEP (Nairobi) and UNESCO (Jakarta). He lived 2-years in Kenya where he was team-leader for the production of a coastal Atlas for Kenya, and lived for 4 years in Indonesia working on forests and land-use change issues.

At WRI since 2003, Fred's focus is on the development in Southeast Asia (focus on Indonesia) of a decision-making environment where reliable, accurate and current information on forest and timber resources and related decisions are continuously and publicly available (Transparency) and that actions by the government are taken based on this information.

Recently, he was also involved in advising the Indonesian government on the inclusion of reduced deforestation programs in the UN Climate framework (UNFCCC). Fred is also involved in several international processes in Asia as the Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (FLEG) initiative, the Asian Forest Partnership (AFP), the Roundtable of Sustainable Oil palm, and the world-wide UN FAO Forest Resources Assessment.

He holds a MSc in Landscape ecology and a PhD in Geography.

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