Winner | Asian Digital Media Awards 2020

Martin Rice

Martin Rice is the Research Manager for the Climate Council and an Honorary Associate, Department of Environment and Geography, Macquarie University.

Martin Rice’s PhD research was on “Integrated Earth System Science: Research Practice and Communication for Solutions to Twenty-First Century Sustainability Challenges”. This research analysed the accomplishments of Earth System (ES) research and synthesised the experiences of the global environmental change research community at bringing natural and social sciences together to study an integrated ES and the implications for global sustainability. This research also illuminated the level of opportunity to publish integrated ES research and elucidated how ES research can become more integrated and better positioned to support humanity's responsible engagement within the Earth System.

Martin has professional experience as the Co-ordinator of the Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP, in Paris, France. Prior to working for the ESSP, he was a Programme Manager for the Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN, in Kobe, Japan. Martin has a Master of Science in Rural and Regional Resources Planning and a Master of Arts (Hons.) in Geography and International Relations from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

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