Cutting meat, food waste and plastic: The sustainability trials of Asia’s biggest healthy-eating chain

As Singapore-based salad bar chain SaladStop! marks its 10th anniversary, co-owner Katherine Desbaillets talks to Eco-Business about phasing out meat, food waste and single-use packaging, and dealing with customers who refuse to pay 10 cents for a plastic bag.

Katherine Desbaillets, co-owner of SaladStop!

In the food and beverage industry, fast and nutritious do not usually come as a package.

But that was the idea behind SaladStop!, a Singapore-headquartered healthy-eating chain that launched 10 years ago, and has since spread to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Spain.

In this video interview with Eco-Business at SaladStop’s flagship outlet in Singapore’s central business district, co-owner Katherine Desbaillets talks about going meat free, customer backlash over a plastic bag charge, the cost of sustainability, and one earth-unfriendly habit she is struggling to kick.

Production: Philip Amiote, Nikki Wong and Robin Hicks


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