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Jann Vinze Barcinal_A List Youth 2023 winner
Filipino conservationist and founder of Antique-based Dulungan Youth Jann Vinze Barcinal shares how he is helping former poachers find new ways of making a living in ecotourism and nursery work so that they become the bird's protectors.
Picture caption: Habitat loss and alteration, as well as road traffic accidents are cited among the causes of a record number of pangolin deaths in Singapore in 2023. Image: Robin Hicks / Eco-Business
A spike in losses of the critically endangered scaly anteater raises questions about the rate of deforestation and efforts to connect forest patches in the city-state.
The Third Pole looks at the manifestoes of Pakistan’s main political parties in the run up to national elections to see what they promise on green growth, renewables, climate adaptation and mitigation.
Sulawesi_Indonesia bushmeat market
Traditional bushmeat markets like the one in Tomohon, North Sulawesi, have existed for centuries. But as moral questions and health risks hang over the sale of wildlife in the post-Covid era, will the practice of selling wild bat, rat, pig and dog meat persist in Indonesia?
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logging in borneo
A new study finds that illegal roads have enabled illicit logging, mining, poaching and land grabbing in some of the world's most biodiversity-rich ecosystems.
Tiger in Myanmar
The coup threatens to irreparably damage the Southeast Asian country's environment, and harm the people who rely on it.
Scientists sceptical of new bat study linking climate change to Covid-19 emergence

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It’s not all bats’ fault

Human encroachment into wildlife habitats and economic growth are among the main drivers of the emergence of pandemics. We could face greater risks if we pass diseases to wild animals.
orang utan in borneo
Giving wild apes digital wallets linked to their identities would mean that they will be able to 'spend money' on their own protection. This could increase their chances of survival.
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A green iguana
The origin of Covid-19 is believed to be a market selling live wild animals. Eco-Business asked Anbarasi Boopal of Singapore-based animal welfare charity Acres about the link between the exploitation of animals and pandemics, and what can be done to curb the illegal wildlife trade.
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Filipino commuters during Covid. Image: Commuters of Metro Manila
Eksklusif As the country plunges into a recession borne out of the pandemic, how can it get back on its feet? On this podcast, Eco-Business spoke to top Filipino environmentalist Loren Legarda on how conservation should not take a backseat to economic development.
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