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Lee Poh Seng Cities 2023
Companies should approach climate solutions as a “portfolio management exercise”, and look for short-term wins by tweaking their operations, said industry leaders.
A shoe collection in an average household.
Share At Door Step was founded in India in 2015, and has launched in Singapore in response to high demand for the service, which arranges for pre-loved items to be picked up from people's doorsteps and shuttled to charities.
Yien Li Yap, Food+ by Compass
Yien Li Yap has moved on from Olio after a restructure shifted responsibility for international markets to the UK, and has joined food services firm Food+ by Compass.
barePack container
The country's first ever container lending service Barepack Singapore will soon be shutting down local operations. Sustainability leaders say more regulation is needed before reusables can compete with single-use.
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wind turbines and solar panels in asia
In addition to threatening millions of lives and the global economy, the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that human societies are capable of transforming themselves more or less overnight. In fact, there's no better time than now to usher in systemic economic change.
system change climate protest
Our current socio-economic system is built on the exploitation of both people and planet, causing inequality and environmental devastation. To save a world on the brink of ecological and social disaster, calls for greener, more efficient capitalism won’t cut it, writes Zafirah Zein.
Uber user waiting for Uber car
Ride-sharing, delivery apps and other communal services simply dress up our consumerist tendencies in a more palatable ideology, writes tourism expert Marianna Sigala.
singapore road with commuters
With the right policies, these tech-advanced and data-driven modes of transport can ensure safe and reliable transportation for all.
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Make some extra cash and reduce waste by putting your belongings to work. This online market place plugs Australians into the sharing economy.
Paula Miquelis gitnb tcf 2018
Welcoming 3,800 people this year, the carbon neutral, zero waste festival has grown six-fold since its first edition in 2015.
eco action day
At this year's Eco Action Day Industry Roundtable 2018, participants discussed how to build more creative and resourceful industries and infrastructure for a more sustainable Singapore.
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Paper sustainable packaging by RyPax
Studio EB As a landmark treaty is thrashed out to tackle plastic pollution, the Eco-Business Podcast debates whether the world is ready to pay a premium for packaging that doesn't damage the planet.
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Studio EB [The EB Podcast] As urban populations grow at an unprecedented pace, how can technology help planners and policymakers ensure their cities remain liveable and sustainable?
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