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Advocates point to lower emissions despite high costs and long-term footprint.
Environmental issues are subordinate to the strategic imperative of countering US influence. That could ultimately weaken the relationship amid shake-ups in global trade.
Plane and fuel truck
Hydrogen fuel generated from solar struggles to stay below emissions thresholds set for clean hydrogen, though this mode of production is set to dominate. By comparison, hydrogen produced from wind, hydropower and nuclear energy is meeting clean hydrogen standards.
Westinghouse AP300 SMR
Atomic power appearing in funding packages and rulebooks suggests green investors are increasingly open to the contentious low-carbon energy source, but views in Asia remain mixed, says Sustainable Fitch.
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India’s Indigenous Prototype Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactor (PFBR) and abundant thorium reserves hold key to India’s future energy security.
Gundremmingen Nuclear Power Plant
The country’s environment and nuclear safety minister lays out the administration's reasons for quitting atomic energy after the last few plants closed this month, even as interest in the technology slowly rises in other parts of the world.
fresh fish at wet market
Public opinion will dictate how Japanese seafood is received after the wastewater is disposed of into the Pacific Ocean.
In the World Economic Forum’s 2023 Global Risks Report, nine of the ten biggest risks for the next decade have a water-related component.
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Screen Grab: Flinders Ranges Australia
Traditional landowners say a plan to store radioactive waste near sacred Aboriginal sites is a desecration of their heritage.
fukushima water
New ad takes aim at Tepco’s lack of transparency on the water contamination at Fukushima’s nuclear site. Watch the video here:
dead ev battery
Japanese firms venture into solar energy storage using discarded electric vehicle batteries, complementing the country's move to continue building more solar power plants.
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