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Renzo Guinto_classroom_DukeNUS
Fossil fuels are clearly bad for the planet and its people, says academic Renzo Guinto. For World Health Day, the Filipino climate health expert is advocating for reform of governance systems that create inequality.
The Asia Pacific region lags significantly on all 17 SDGs, with setbacks in climate action and clean energy, amid UN struggles to motivate national governments.
The new office aims to advance sustainable development practices in China, and encourage Chinese businesses to share sustainability solutions on the global stage, the non-profit says.
By shifting the meaning of “energy intensity”, China has reduced its overall ambition and made the 2025 carbon-intensity goal harder to achieve.
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Healthcare rural India
If companies getting involved in the public health domain hope to make a difference, they must have a deep understanding of health systems, including the institutions, organisations, and resources that comprise them.
Climate change is not some distant menace; its effects are already being felt worldwide, especially in climate-vulnerable developing economies.
The booming gig economy in Malaysia leaves workers vulnerable with no benefits and susceptible to exploitation.
Transport is one of the world's biggest polluters, but on the path to net zero, aviation is reinventing itself, potentially building a new kind of jet age.
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A green iguana
The origin of Covid-19 is believed to be a market selling live wild animals. Eco-Business asked Anbarasi Boopal of Singapore-based animal welfare charity Acres about the link between the exploitation of animals and pandemics, and what can be done to curb the illegal wildlife trade.
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women founders tech
What are the dangers of gender bias in technology design and what are the market opportunities for womentech—technologies that centre the needs of women?
The EB Podcast talked to Rob Kaplan
2020 was a bad year plastic recycling and ocean pollution. Eco-Business asked Circulate Capital CEO Rob Kaplan how the circular economy can be rebuilt in Asia this year.
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