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Nitrogen fertilisers, manure and other agricultural sources drove almost three-quarters of human-caused nitrous oxide emissions in recent years.
Environmental issues are subordinate to the strategic imperative of countering US influence. That could ultimately weaken the relationship amid shake-ups in global trade.
CP28 World leaders
The size of the world's largest climate summit is set to shrink as the UN navigates new logistical challenges. But beyond this, Eco-Business looks at what else must change for COP to ensure outcomes which will lead to real climate action.
Bangladesh's congested capital Dhaka joins the ranks of South Asian cities drawing up plans to prepare for a hotter, wetter future.
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Verde Island Passage
Two years ago, developed countries pledged at least US$20 billion annually by 2025 to help preserve 30 per cent of the world’s land and oceans. But most countries have failed to contribute their fair share.
Chinese policymakers face difficult choices in setting climate goals. Some appear technical but have significant implications for environmental outcomes.
Climate activists will keep pushing on – but they don’t deserve the treatment they’re getting.
In today’s fragmented world, the Loss and Damage Fund could easily be derailed. But it is in our common interest to assist the most climate-vulnerable countries with recovery and reconstruction.
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Juice Media parody ad mocking government inaction on climate change
We're screwed, claims a government parody ad, as politicians drag their heels on climate change. Taking a shot at the Australian government, the video exposes the absurdity of longstanding political inaction to address the climate crisis and puts out a not-so-subtle call for collective action.
Momentum for Change
Various female groups and leaders, spearheaded by the UN Women, gathered at the sidelines of the on-going climate conference to highlight the specific consequences of global warming on women, as well as the climate action they can pioneer
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IP Tebtebba
In celebration of Indigenous Peoples' month in the Philippines, the former United Nations special rapporteur tells the Eco-Business Podcast about her lifelong work to empower communities in Asia’s most dangerous country for environmental defenders.
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