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Foreign workers say blockchain services offer a better way to send money home - but are they leaving themselves vulnerable to losses?
Lax labour regulations and low wages are the norm for data annotation workers in poorer nations, but many have no choice.
Brazilian prosecutors have told a firm selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to cease sales and respect indigenous rights.
The negative climate impacts of mining the cryptocurrency Bitcoin have grown rapidly over time, with carbon emissions per coin multiplying 126 times from 2016 to 2021.
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floating medical clinic in Bangladesh
As managing medical conditions becomes increasingly more difficult in rural areas, technological advances could go a long way in improving access and patient care.
bitcoin image
With the growing urgency for climate solutions, blockchain technology could be a powerful tool to revolutionise green finance, especially as transparency and traceable information are critical in measuring and monitoring climate impact.
haze riau indonesia
To combat the fires in Indonesia and worsening haze, a Singaporean-based blockchain development company has launched the Global Ledger initiative to develop a coordinated regional and global response to such catastrophes.
baker gives boy bread in Yemen
In an age of receding multilateralism, the private sector and tech community must help ensure the 2030 Development Agenda stays on track, says the World Food Programme's Enrica Porcari.
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