Patented modular shoes from plastic waste have arrived to change eco-friendly footwear forever

Patented modular shoes from plastic waste have arrived to change eco-friendly footwear forever

SALUBATA is excited to introduce the world to its patented modular shoes, the ultimate eco-friendly footwear option that’s set to change the fashion industry forever. With a mission to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainability, SALUBATA has created a unique manufacturing process that repurposes ocean-deemed plastic waste to create fashionable unisex sneakers that are both stylish and comfortable.

Through SALUBATA’s innovative approach to sustainability, the brand has gained widespread recognition and praise from environmental organisations and fashion experts alike. By using eco-friendly materials and a modular design that allows customers to customise their shoes, SALUBATA is offering a versatile and unique product that is perfect for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the environment.

SALUBATA’s Kickstarter campaign is the first step towards revolutionizing the footwear industry and ending plastic waste for good. The funds raised from the campaign will be used to further develop the manufacturing process and expand the brand’s reach, paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

By supporting SALUBATA’s campaign, you are not only contributing to a brand that is dedicated to sustainability but also taking the first step towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. With SALUBATA, you can be part of the solution to end plastic waste and create a better world for all.

Join the movement towards a cleaner, more sustainable future by backing SALUBATA’s Kickstarter campaign today. Click here to learn more and show your support.

For further information or press inquiries, please contact SALUBATA at or visit the website at

Thank you for your support in creating a better world for all.

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