A socially just future for all

[The EB Podcast] Will the Fourth Industrial Revolution truly deliver a more efficient, and sustainable future for everyone? Find out in the inaugural episode of The Eco-Business Podcast.

The fourth industrial revolution has changed life as we know it. 

Artificial intelligence technology is increasingly integrated into everything from healthcare, to e-commerce and city planning. Sensors are embedded into the urban fabric and collect data on everything from air quality to building occupancy to pedestrian behaviour.

But deeply embedded in this vision of the future is an anxiety about jobs. As robots and computers take over a broad range of tasks that create livelihoods for millions around the world, what will the future look like for workers, employers, and policymakers? 

Join us as we explore these issues in the first episode of our inaugural Eco-Business podcast series, ‘Let’s Write the Future’, supported by ABB Singapore. We speak to Johan de Villiers, country managing director, ABB Singapore, as we dive into these questions:

  • How will the fourth industrial revolution touch the average person and will their lives improve?
  • Which technologies are the front runners?
  • As the use of robots grow, what impact will it have on humans?
  • How do we address inequality amid this revolution to ensure that no one is left behind?

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