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nusa lembongan indonesia
Nature-based solutions are gaining traction as a way to help corporations decarbonise. Where are the challenges in scaling these solutions, and how is innovation growing the space?
Scientists in a lab in Singapore
Studio EB Research laboratories can consume up to 100 times as much energy as office space of the same size. Is smart technology the solution to boosting energy efficiency without compromising safety?
sg buildings2
Studio EB Buildings account for a whopping 39 per cent of the world’s energy-related carbon emissions. The best way for the built environment to shrink its carbon footprint is for the industry to work together to find sustainable solutions.
hong kong skyline at night rising from the ground
Studio EB With data theft and other forms of cyber-crime making regular headlines globally, organisations can’t afford to ignore how they safeguard their digital systems. But cybersecurity remains an overlooked issue in one incredibly fundamental area: sustainable buildings.
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Hydrogen supply system at DLR Cologne
Optimising green hydrogen production in Asia Pacific will rely on visibility across the value chain. A new data infrastructure model can improve our ability to extrapolate insights from existing plant projects.
woman farmer in bangladesh
There are 21.5 billion interconnected devices worldwide, yet 1.4 billion adults still have no access to banking. This presents an opportunity for leapfrogging straight to digital identification and the IoT for processing transactions.
floating medical clinic in Bangladesh
As managing medical conditions becomes increasingly more difficult in rural areas, technological advances could go a long way in improving access and patient care.
London smart city
Greater awareness of sustainability coupled with the need to adopt digital solutions during the pandemic has ensured that cities continue to become smarter by the day.
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Jovie Montajes, founder of Light of Hope PH
After 20 years without electricity, more than 50 households in Cebu's poorest district have been provided with solar energy, financed by carbon offsets.
singapore boat cruise
At the recent Technology + Sustainability: The Road to Smart Cities event, Singapore's public and private sector leaders gathered for a crystal-ball gazing session to answer one key question: Will technology deliver a better future for Singapore, and the world? And if so, how do we get there?
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Marina Bay Sands lasershow in Singapore

Kebijakan & Keuangan

The future of innovation

Studio EB Technology evolution is widely regarded as the key to managing challenges such as climate change and inequality; but there's also the risk that the changes arising from this won't make society better. How do we get innovation right?

Kebijakan & Keuangan

Implementing the future

Studio EB [The EB Podcast] What are the hardware, software, and financing challenges the world needs to navigate before the enticing vision of the Fourth Industrial Revolution becomes a reality? And what are the risks to avoid along the way?
girl in japan with robot
Studio EB [The EB Podcast] Will the Fourth Industrial Revolution truly deliver a more efficient, and sustainable future for everyone? Find out in the inaugural episode of The Eco-Business Podcast.
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