Lego and the toy makers: How sustainability comes to play land

Lego and the toy makers: How sustainability comes to play land

In this report, we aim to research LEGO’s ESG performance when compared with other toy makers in the industry by examining their environmental (including carbon emissions), social and governance initiatives.

We evaluated LEGO’s ESG performance by referring to our ESG framework, which covers 18 initiatives of ESG reporting.

Overall, we found LEGO takes the lead in ESG reporting. In particular, LEGO has voluntarily published its sustainability since 2007 and started following GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and assured its reports by a third party since 2009. We also found LEGO has an ambitious goal of reducing GHG emissions and controlling landfills. However, we do find that its disclosure on pollutants and risk management is missing, and overall disclosures on corporate governance are weaker than other sections.

On balance, we think LEGO’s ESG performance has the room of improvement in three areas: Consistency and comparability of disclosures, Comprehensiveness of disclosures, and Balancing attention.

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