Dewpoint Manufacturing






Dewpoint Manufacturing is based in Vancouver B.C and is a private company. We are the patent holders as well as the manufacturers of our Atmospheric Water Harvesters.

We are the largest manufacturer of AWG machines for both residential and commercial products.


Developed and proven Air to Water technology, We have residential Atmospheric Water Harvesters that can produce clean, healthy water as long as there is humidity and can produce thousands of gallons per day, everyday.

Why we are a green organisation

We are a green organization because we can take the air we breathe and convert it into super clean water, with no environmental impact. Also with this technology we can finally get clean, fresh water into the hands of people in very rural areas, overcrowded, polluted cities and help people in times of crisis.

We know and recognize that there is a global water problem and we want to be part of the solution. There is no other Atmospheric Water Harvesting Company that is ready to mass manufacturer products and put them on the shelves so the Average person can afford it. We are the only ones and we are proud to bring this innovative and green product to market!!


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