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Eco-Business Editorial Guidelines

We provide the best news and views on the sustainable business community for the Asia Pacific region. Our mission is to help Asia Pacific’s businesses along an environmentally and socially responsible, low-carbon path.

We remain committed to help businesses, governments, NGOs, research institutions and think tanks get their stories published and read by a wider audience by providing platforms for them to share ideas and best practices, advance public awareness and stimulate debate about sustainable development.

Our audience is made up of the movers and shakers of industries across Asia Pacific, policymakers, academics, civil society and even consumers.

When considering op-eds for publication on our website, we look for pieces that are confident, authoritative and engaging on wide-ranging topics relating to sustainability and/or Asia.

For example, it could be a story on your company’s latest ground-breaking initiative, a commentary on a domestic / regional / international development in any related sector, or personal insights on related topics.

Most important of all, it must add value for readers. Good questions to ask are: Is your argument significant, original or insightful? Is it written in good, concise and clear English and free of jargon and technical-sounding words?

An ideal length would be between 600 to 1000 words. Accuracy and transparency are pre-requisites for any piece. You are solely responsible for the truth and accuracy of your submitted article and should disclose any conflict of interests.

We give priority to content that is written exclusively for Eco-Business.com

Get in touch with us: news@eco-business.com