• opinion 2 Jul 2015

    Future-proofing against natural capital debt

    A new kind of global debt crisis is brewing - due to decades of over-borrowing from our planet’s natural capital asset base. The future shock for business is the potential for profit to be wiped out, says Dorothy Maxwell, author of a new book on natural capital and business.

  • opinion 25 Jun 2015

    The climate question in EU-China talks

    When the European Union's top foreign policy officials sit down with their Chinese counterparts in Brussels at the end of the month, investors managing trillions of dollars of assets will be watching closely. At what specifically? Evidence of progress toward an international climate-change agreement.

Carbon & Climate Global

The climate pope

Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment emphasises that “the future of humanity and of our planet lies in our hands.” It makes clear that climate action is a must, and that our choices have never been more important.

22 June 2015
By Johan Rockström