• What skills does a sustainable Asia need?

    As climate change and reducing emissions climb to the top of the policy agenda, what type of jobs and opportunities will this lead to, and how can Asia ensure it has the right skills?

  • Pharma’s thirst for pure, clean water

    The need to meet stringent manufacturing standards is pushing pharmaceutical companies to embrace new technologies and enhance their sustainability efforts. Water treatment, which provides highly purified water and treats wastewater, is one field that is benefitting from this shift.

  • Realising the potential of Singapore's sharing economy

    Hidden in people's parked cars, vacant homes and empty offices lies a billion-dollar opportunity, thanks to the global rise of the sharing economy, which could generate $335 billion of revenue globally by 2025. How can Singapore capitalise on the benefits of collaborative consumption?

  • Sustainable finance: Asean falls short

    The first report by the global conservation WWF on sustainable financing in the region has identified the urgent need for institutions here to catch up with the international peers on environmental, social and governance indicators.

  • EIU: Great strides made in global food security

    Food security has improved in more than two-thirds of 109 countries across the world since last year, but as the global population grows, more investments will need to be made in food infrastructure and additional programmes to meet increased demand for food.