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BioRok Technologies are the provider of the latest, cutting edge products in the field of sustainable ecologically sound construction materials. Our passion to provide environmentally friendly solutions coupled with broad experience in the construction industry will provide you with the best possible eco-friendly outcome, not only for your project, but the community as well.

BioRok Technologies supplies a wide range of products to the construction trade which reduce reliance on scarce resources whilst maintaining performance. BioRok is committed to researching and sourcing specialised energy and resource efficient products which provide long term environmental and economic benefits.

BioRok endeavour to provide blue ribbon sustainable solutions to the construction industry in an effort to progress the general environmental awareness within the industry. We also aspire to improve the traditional perception that building industry as a non-environmentally conscience industry.


Bringing eco-technology to construction materials

Why we are a green organisation

BioRok is focused on providing products to the construction industry that will reduce the potential for waste into our environment. Our additives for concrete can ensure that it remains stronger for longer and thus reducing the use of resources. We can also provide a concrete additive that will cause the resultant mixture to be impervious to water and therefore eliminating the need for plastic linings and other toxic sealants. BioRok is also proud to have a photo catalytic cement available that provides a self cleaning reaction using sunlight and water that reduces pollution to water and oxygen.

BioRok also has a formulation of naturally occurring non-sporogenic bacteria. These microbes provide for maximum degradation of hydrocarbons, grease & oil. The microbes eliminate man made pollutants on the surfaces and liquid wastes by converting hydrocarbon pollutants into carbon dioxide and water. These microbes can be used in a diverse range of applications including, grease trap and drain maintenance, reclaim pits in car and truck equipment washes, degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons and other organics. The microbes provide superior odour control, and are exceptional floor cleaners, excellent for stamping plant, machine shops, septic tanks for odour, ponds & lagoons. Marine bilge tanks, ground water & soil contamination.

We are also focusing on other areas in construction field, for example providing photo voltaic glass products that can be used for windows, thus fulfilling two needs at once.


Supporting Organisations

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