Combining old knowledge and new ideas in fishing in Kalimantan

Smallholder fish farmers in rural Kalimantan are turning towards sustainability, with some assistance from an agribusiness company.

Every morning after his prayers and breakfast, fish farmer Ipong has a huddle with his fellow fishermen, discussing new ideas to improve the farm. 

Ipong and his team started the farm in Kalimantan’s Jelai Hulu sub district from scratch in 2011, creating the fish ponds where they now work. 

“After three years, I applied for assistance from Cargill to buy fish feed, raw materials, and also to get advice about how to manage my business…The guidance I receive is in the form of discussions on how to better manage my fish farming processes. It has improved and benefited my team, so they can run better businesses,” said Ipong.

The local fishery group head hopes that the exchange of knowledge about fishing will eventually enable him to expand his business and ensure its longevity in Jelai Hulu for his son to take over.

Watch how Ipong and his team are working towards more sustainable fish farming in Kalimantan. 

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