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While gender was one of the first items addressed and remains a priority, experts say Asia has lingered on this issue for too long, neglecting other vital areas.
Energy efficiency has been recognised as a key piece of the net-zero puzzle but faster uptake of existing technologies is needed.
Oxfam says the world's five wealthiest men have doubled their fortunes, earning US$14 million an hour since 2020.
A toxic mix of AI-driven disinformation, war and environmental risks is a threat to elections and policymaking, WEF survey shows.
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Investors now need to be fully aware of the environmental and social implications of geopolitics – or else remain oblivious to the risks and opportunities. ESG must become ESGG.
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Engaging the world’s largest polluter on climate solutions has not been smooth sailing. Supply chains are highly inter-connected and businesses find that they need to tread along a tightrope between China and the West, even on climate.

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Governing the right to food

By emphasising a multi-stakeholder approach to political decision-making, international institutions have enabled corporate actors to dominate the conversation about how and what we eat. But addressing hunger and malnutrition requires a strategy that focuses on human rights and government accountability.
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Across Africa, the climate crisis is happening to us now, and the stories Africans have to tell are urgent — but who is listening?

Karbon & Iklim

The Davos apocalypse

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