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CSOs outlook 2024
Asia’s sustainability heads foresee some relief from reporting burdens this year, but articulating the financial value of social, biodiversity and climate-related impacts, engaging suppliers and staying ahead of regulations will keep them busy.
The co-founder of Earth Company and owner of Mana Earthly Paradise hotel tells Eco-Business about the perils of over-tourism in Bali and the huge potential for affordable eco-resorts in Asia.
Greenwashing year-ender 2023
Western courtrooms grew busier processing cases of greenwashing. In Asia, regulators and policymakers also started to think seriously about how to police exaggerated sustainability claims.
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Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Blue Origin
The commercial space race is on with rich entrepreneurs taking to their rockets to reach for the stars. But the jaunts to space have courted plenty of criticism about space tourism and its carbon footprint.
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