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Typhoon Vamco marikina
The climate-vulnerable nation will host the global fund's board, while its secretariat will be hosted by the World Bank for the next four years.
Bangladesh's congested capital Dhaka joins the ranks of South Asian cities drawing up plans to prepare for a hotter, wetter future.
NCQG dialogue
The broad scope of the text could make it hard for countries to agree on a new climate fund target at COP29, say observers in Bonn.
Simon Stiell opening address at Bonn 2024
As COP29 pre-talks begin in Bonn, Simon Stiell urges “serious progress” on climate finance. The previous US$100 billion target, which wealthy nations met two years later than promised, is set to be replaced with a new, larger goal.
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COP28 polluters pay 2
A new international tax taskforce is exploring tax policies that could finance sustainable development and climate action. This could pave the way for a fair taxation system that would accelerate a just transition.
In today’s fragmented world, the Loss and Damage Fund could easily be derailed. But it is in our common interest to assist the most climate-vulnerable countries with recovery and reconstruction.
Wealthy nations’ overconsumption is destroying nature, but is often not accounted for by ‘loss and damage’.
An exit from coal, oil and gas must happen equitably, or it will not happen at all.
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IP Tebtebba
In celebration of Indigenous Peoples' month in the Philippines, the former United Nations special rapporteur tells the Eco-Business Podcast about her lifelong work to empower communities in Asia’s most dangerous country for environmental defenders.
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