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Curated by finance correspondent Gabrielle See, the explainer series was commended by judges for 'bringing clarity to Asia's sustainable investing space'. A documentary short on Asia's mounting waste crisis earned an honourable mention nod.
It is one of only a few English language regional publications to score multiple nominations at this year’s awards for its editorial work. The competition received more than 700 entries.
WAN-IFRA Awards 2024
The sustainability-focused publication came up tops among competitors in the small and medium media category for 'Best Newsletter' at the awards ceremony held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Pakistan's post-election X shutdown faces a legal challenge as campaigners decry effect on freedoms and businesses face losses.
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A voter casts his ballot for the midterm primary election in Grove City, Ohio, U.S. May 3, 2022.
With over 2 billion people set to vote, 2024 will be a critical year for climate action. News outlets need to step up to help the electorate understand what is at stake.
Peace with Nature Singapore
Founder and managing director Jessica Cheam investigates the relationship between business and our natural world, and shares about the genesis of Eco-Business in this book chapter contribution to 'Peace and Nature', a book compilation of 50 essays and edited by Professor Tommy Koh, Lye Lin Heng and Shawn Lum launched in Singapore recently.
Well-told human-interest stories are key to moving readers and prompting climate action. How to write them in China?
Good journalism needs both mainstream media outlets and digital-only alternative media
Journalism has to stop sustained attacks on alternative media outlets.
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Clover Hogan, climate activist, speaking in 2019
Eco-anxiety is a healthy psychological response, says 24-year-old activist Clover Hogan. The founder of nonprofit Force of Nature tells the Eco-Business Podcast how to respond to anxiety in a world that is "numb" to the climate crisis.
Action against greenwashing in Asia
Japan-based academic Kim Schumacher, who coined the term "competence greenwashing", believes that the pursuit of societal harmony might be standing in the way of Asia calling out greenwashing. He tells the Eco-Business Podcast how exaggerated ESG claims are likely to be tackled in 2023 and beyond.
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