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Typhoon Rai/Odette
Parametric insurance helps minimise losses from climate-related disasters, to which Asia is particularly vulnerable. In Southeast Asia, this has been used to insure against typhoons, earthquakes, and crop losses.
UAE Flood 01
Following widespread damage from April’s floods, experts say swift action will cement Dubai’s appeal as a migration destination for the rich. This week, a US$8 billion plan to approve the city's drainage system was approved.
Manila Water’s Three-River System Masterplan
But it is Singapore and Vietnam which have made the most progress in reaching climate goals over the past year, as the region grapples to meet US$1.5 trillion required to achieve 2030 emissions targets.
Studio EB There are few to no companies immune to climate risks today. This is forcing organisations to rethink business plans to weather climate-related shocks. Early action and a future-focused corporate purpose could spare enterprises from the worst that lies ahead.
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What does the future hold for the millions of women left to work in Asia's agriculture sector battling a climate in collapse?
COP28 will take stock of the step change in ambition needed, but the gulf in climate finance promises and realities presents an obstacle to a stronger action.
It could be more effective as a strategy, as compared to divestment. Southeast Asia is already feeling the effects of climate change and needs strategic and effective action by investors.
Italy exhibition center
Covid-19 is forcing cities around the world to face the reality that they're ill-prepared for emergencies. It’s time to reinvent the modern urban center with an eye toward fully equipped health systems and state-of-the-art digital infrastructure that incorporates unanticipated risks.
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Gamal Albinsaid
24-year-old Indonesian doctor Gamal Albinsaid's Garbage Clinical Insurance is helping Indonesians get their medical health cover through selling household waste. Watch his story here.
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EB Podcast climate insurance
Asia lags the world in natural catastrophe protection. Part of the problem could be counting extreme weather losses only after they happen, industry insiders tell the Eco-Business podcast.
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