Breakthrough: Business leaders, market revolutions

Breakthrough: Business leaders, market revolutions

Business is increasingly critical in tackling the world’s great environmental, social and governance challenges. And at the heart of business sits the C-Suite, the grouping of senior executives who direct the enterprise. Breakthrough is addressed to them – and to those who advise them.

This report reveals both real frustration in business about government failures, and a growing appetite at the leading edge to drive systems-level transformations.

Breakthrough draws on over 100 interviews with key people in the field to sketch a Manifesto and linked agenda to help us move towards that change.

The Breakthrough report summarizes our findings and spotlights how some business leaders are taking the reins, arguing the business case for “market revolution” in such heartland areas as accounting, valuation and economics.

It also highlights the system—level changes required in science, activism, international institutions, access, finance, economics and culture. The next task is to work with business leaders to implement “ Breakthrough” actions – and continue to learn what needs to be tackled and how it can be achieved.

Volans, a future focused consultancy and think-tank, released this report urging business leaders to help drive ‘breakthrough’ innovation, as part of a coming revolution in global markets.

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