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The Philippines is extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change and its students are among those paying the highest price.
Crops that have been "altered" by scientists in a laboratory can be found growing on millions of hectares of farmland around the world.
Despite the existence of a heat plan in a key Indian state and visible improvement in multiple health centres, brutal heat claimed dozens of lives as officials were distracted by elections.
Factory bosses are taking action as the country's worst heatwave in 70 years makes workers sick, but unions say more must be done.
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Deadly diseases carried by mosquitoes are spreading due to weather brought about by climate change. A bacteria-based solution could be key to fighting back.
Across the region, it’s never been more critical to cultivate a resilient healthcare workforce capable of addressing climate-induced public health issues.
Human health relies on healthy ecosystems, but these are under threat. Securing the right to live in a healthy environment is crucial for all.
To restore Earth’s stability, governments must recognise the need to respect the nine planetary boundaries. This requires a steadfast commitment to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and protecting biodiversity and water resources.
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EB Podcast climate insurance
Asia lags the world in natural catastrophe protection. Part of the problem could be counting extreme weather losses only after they happen, industry insiders tell the Eco-Business podcast.
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