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Women lead the charge for climate-friendly agriculture on the ground, though many important decisions still rest with men.
National and regional carbon markets are growing fast, but more should be done to coordinate them at the UNFCCC level.
From a stocktake of recent progress to proposals to reform climate financing, we take a look at the big issues likely to draw focus at COP28, opening this week in Dubai.
Loss and damage finance with greater community leadership can bring better and fairer outcomes, experts say.
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Respecting planetary boundaries can bring us back to a safe operating space where Earth’s life support systems are not at risk.
Rich countries must step up with more investment in climate action to achieve a safe and prosperous future for all.
Those suffering the worst from climate change need a say in how a new fund to help them is run – and direct access to its resources.
Concerns grow that the summit, hosted by a fossil fuel nation, may fall short for the communities worst-hit by climate devastation.
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