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In a surprise move, US president Joe Biden has announced a “temporary pause” on liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal expansion.
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Courage is contagious, says the convenor of Youth for Climate Hope, who traces how the struggle against fossil fuels in her hometown of Negros Occidental has come "full circle", with young people now at the forefront of the movement.
The Third Pole looks at the manifestoes of Pakistan’s main political parties in the run up to national elections to see what they promise on green growth, renewables, climate adaptation and mitigation.
At the COP28 summit, governments approved the new fund, set to be hosted by the World Bank, and announced contributions.
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Climate change is expected to displace tens of millions of people by mid-century, especially in the Global South. By enhancing international cooperation, we could improve the lives and livelihoods of the displaced and develop sustainable solutions that enable affected communities to rebuild.
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Many campaigners on international financial institutions know from monitoring the multilateral lender's operations that it lacks a "climate culture", as it imposes loans and conditionalities to Global South countries.
COP28 will take stock of the step change in ambition needed, but the gulf in climate finance promises and realities presents an obstacle to a stronger action.
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Rich nations need to shift investments into renewables instead, they say. The civic space for demonstrations at this year's climate summit, held in Egypt, is more restricted than the Scotland event last year.
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