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With the 2024 Euros and Paris Olympics vowing to be greener, Dialogue Earth explores the challenges of cutting emissions from major sporting events.
According to their latest sustainability reports, the carbon footprint of Grab increased by 21 per cent in 2023 while the emissions of GoTo, which owns Indonesian ride-hailing app Gojek, dropped by 11 per cent.
The greenhouse gas footprints of Southeast Asia's two largest ride-hailing companies went in opposite directions in 2023. Grab said increased demand for its services led to its emissions spike. GoTo said its emissions drop was a result of improved routing and operational efficiencies.
A farmer scatters rice grains in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, Philippines
Members of a technical working group closely working on the legislation flags that the government currently lacks in capacity to monitor a cap and trade scheme under the proposed law. An unreliable system could lead to misreporting.
Tropical peat swamp forest carbon monitoring, Central Kalimantan
The beleaguered industry has registered its sharpest annual plunge ever. Asia Pacific developers faced an especially bruising year.
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Darwin LNG gas plant
Australia’s gas future must involve energy security and climate security. The new government strategy fails to strike this balance.
Burgos solar and wind farm
House Bill 7705, the low carbon economy bill, could help the climate-vulnerable nation seize the economic opportunities that come with decarbonisation.
Kuamut forest reserve sabah
Malaysia is expected to launch its first local nature-based carbon credit but it faces a jurisdictional quagmire, wherein forest management is predominantly governed by state authorities.
Taylor Swift  top polluter
The pop superstar claims she can offset the immense carbon footprint of her private jet but the only way for the superrich to reduce their climate impact is to fly less and choose more sustainable forms of transport.
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SP Group, My Carbon Footprint
Studio EB Thinking about your carbon footprint can be mind-boggling. Even if you wanted to do something about it, where do you start? With this mobile app, all the information you need is at your fingertips.
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Gojek vehicle in Indonesia
GoTo sustainability head Tanah Sullivan tells the Eco-Business Podcast that regulating net-zero claims would decarbonise Southeast Asia faster. Indonesia's biggest internet firm aims to cut emissions to zero by 2030 — a target critics say is unrealistic.
COP26 podcast
The climate talks in Glasgow could have a major trickle-down effect on Asia's business community. What should the region's businesses expect from COP26? The Eco-Business Podcast asked energy and sustainability expert Malavika Bambawale.
Google moonshot
With governments and companies racing towards net zero, Google has set a target to use clean energy for every location and every hour of its operations by 2030. Is this possible?
Where is the smart money going in renewables?
Solar, wind, carbon capture, nature-based solutions—what are the technologies needed to combat climate change? Eco-Business asked clean energy entrepreneur Hendrik Tiesinga where the smart money is going.
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