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Hong Kong-based start-up Archireef has its hopes pinned on the solution. It is also looking at scaling in the UAE, which its co-founder and CEO Vriko Yu says is showing strong appetite for sustainable innovation right now.
200-hectare residential development on a river delta in Nhon Trach
Studio EB Major corporations are now embracing the art and science of designing based on nature. Biomimicry expert Dr Jamie Miller shares why adopting such design principles in buildings and urban planning is a positive step forward.
Gardens by the Bay
Studio EB With the global construction industry’s carbon emissions reaching new heights, design consultancy Atelier Ten, which is behind iconic structures such as Gardens By The Bay and Jewel Changi Airport, shares its strategies in responsive and efficient environmental design.
csr summit climate change panel
Businesses ignore climate change at their own peril, as it will affect their supply chains and profit margins, among other things. Taking the effort to mitigate climate change and prepare for potential risks will pay off in the long run, said experts at the 2015 International CSR Summit.
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Tacloban city in the Philippines after the destruction wrought by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013
Typhoon season in Asia is an annual, grim reminder of the need for more resilient infrastructure as the impact of climate change intensifies. Arcadis’ John Batten III talks about how cities can prepare themselves for worse weather.
Solar panel biotech
Solar panels work best on sunny cloudless days and anything short of that decreases their efficiency. A new study finds how proteins involved in photosynthesis might be the solution to this problem.
biomimicry diagram
The business opportunities found in biomimicry - the application of characteristics found in species to human innovation - makes a strong case for biodiversity conservation, says Siloso Beach Resort sustainability director Sylvain Richer de Forges.
Destroy and rebuild approach
While many giant development projects are taking place all around the world, often in environmentally well preserved locations, …
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circular econ
How is it different from recycling? Hint: It's about the bigger picture.
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