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Donald Trump 2024 election campaign materials.
It is looking ever more likely that Donald Trump will be the next US President. How worried should Asia be about the impact of Trump 2.0 on the climate, human rights and the energy transition?
Chu Xian Oh, Magorium
Persuading firms in the construction and waste management sectors – both set in their ways – to accept Magorium's new method that could potentially close the loop for waste plastic was challenging. Why fix a process that isn't broken, many would ask, says the startup founder Oh Chu Xian.
Dedy Mahardika, International Finance Corporation
Mahardika joins the World Bank's private finance arm to advise the manufacturing, agribusiness and services sectors on decarbonisation solutions and investments.
Business executives convene at the Green Zone at the COP28 climate talks in December.
The UN-backed net-zero target validator started removing firms with commitments that did not make the grade early last year. Of 173 companies dropped from its list, Eco-Business found that 49 were based in Asia Pacific. Why is it so hard for firms to get science-based targets approved?
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Studio EB As Asian countries move to cut their emissions, businesses must both decarbonise and look beyond their value chains for credible and impactful climate action.
Now that the developed world has finally accepted a degree of financial responsibility for the loss and damage caused by climate change, the broader climate debate will henceforth turn on the question of liability.
COP27 put food on the menu, but family farmers need more support as they suffer most from climate change's impacts.
Toyota Prius
As governments embrace strict targets for electric vehicles, the world's largest carmaker is struggling to keep up. But it's not too late for Toyota to reverse course.
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Manila, Philippines
Studio EB If a real estate development can reduce energy and water consumption – and emit fewer carbon emissions – it is built to last, Oliver Chan tells the Eco-Business podcast. The key, however, is to first educate future homeowners and businesses that going green does not mean breaking the bank.
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