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Advocates point to lower emissions despite high costs and long-term footprint.
Hidden roads bring commerce and deforestation; now researchers hope AI may slow the destruction.
As the world moves towards AI-based weather forecasting, a lack of precise data spells a rough patch ahead for Indian climate scientists.
Spencer Low, regional head of sustainability, Google
The former SATS chief sustainability officer joins a company that aims to achieve net-zero emissions across its full value chain by 2030.
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Google fourth data centre in Singapore
Since the release of ChatGPT, the world has seen a surge in investment and use of artificial intelligence. The social and economic impacts of this boom have provoked reactions, but the environmental costs have received far less attention.
By making walkability a central component of how we design our cities, we can create vibrant, inclusive and environmentally sustainable urban landscapes.
United Nations Under-Secretary-General and AI expert Tshilidzi Marwala writes for Context ahead of the Bonn AI and Climate Expert Meeting.
It's ironic that as scientific evidence on climate change and vaccines have become more compelling, public opinion on social media appears more divided.
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