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CP28 World leaders
The size of the world's largest climate summit is set to shrink as the UN navigates new logistical challenges. But beyond this, Eco-Business looks at what else must change for COP to ensure outcomes which will lead to real climate action.
Papua New Guinea highland forests
But exceptions have been made for REDD+ projects from Papua New Guinea that adopt a jurisdictional approach to measure deforestation rates. The eligibility list will be reviewed annually.
COP28 Al Jaber, Simon Stiell
The Dubai climate summit closed with a deal to transition away from fossil fuels for the first time, with world leaders applauding it as "historic". Many including small island states are still upset that the commitment stops short of a complete phase-out.
The dumbo octopus
Fiji, Palau, and Samoa are the first countries to oppose deep-sea mining in international waters. Commercial-scale extraction of the seabed could go ahead as soon as next July, once regulations are finalised, a prospect that alarms environmentalists.
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Salad bowl
The global food system is responsible for about 30 per cent of annual greenhouse gas emissions.
Eco-Business Changing Course exhibition
Eco-Business has launched new subscription plans for our community. We invite you to support our independent journalism and thought leadership initiatives to forge a sustainable Asia and beyond.
Australia Bushfire 2019
We feel ecological grief when we lose places, species or ecosystems we value and love. These losses are a growing threat to mental health and wellbeing globally.
tuvalu citizens
Unlike war, environmental impacts are not accepted as a reason to seek asylum under international law. But this could change as Australia’s climate visa for citizens of small-island state Tuvalu legalises the status of the climate migrant.
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kiribati storms
"It is my sincere hope that you and your people would add your positive support in this endeavour,” …
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