Ten-year green projects make Zhejiang prettier

On August 15, 2005, Xi Jinping, then Secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Committee, inspected Yucun Village, Tianhuangping Town, Anji County, Huzhou City in the north of the province.

During the inspection tour, he observed, “In the past we said we wanted clear waters and green mountains and we wanted mountains of gold and silver at the same time. In fact, clear rivers and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver!”

A decade has elapsed. Has the hope in Xi’s remark been accomplished across the province?

“We see ranges upon ranges of mountains around us and bamboo forests stretch like a sea. Stepping into Anji, we feel greens in all ways and everywhere,” commented a headline report on the first page of People’s Daily,

China’s No. 1 newspaper and one of the world’s top ten newspapers evaluated by UNESCO. During the past ten years, green projects have greatly enhanced the public awareness of the importance of environmental protection in Zhejiang.

The projects have transformed the whole province, from the mountains in the west to the seaboards of East China Sea, from Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou plains in the north to the Oujiang River in the south. Take a travel across Zhejiang and you can witness the poetic beauty of well preserved nature everywhere.

Beautiful Zhejiang, a promotional film produced by the Information Office of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, is an answer to the question “how beautiful Zhejiang actually is”. It took more than a year to produce the film.

It highlights the physical changes of the province in four seasons, it shows the province’s wealth of history and culture, and it illustrates what the province has been doing in its modernization drive over the past decades. Following the storyline of waters, the film portrays the province in terms of waters: the waters from the heaven, the waters of the human world, and the waters of the rivers and the sea.

The close-ups and panoramic views and a full bag of cinematic techniques are used to portray the beauty of the province’s nature, history, culture, and all-round development. The film tells a convincing story of the province’s temperament and personality, charms, and spirit.

Take your time to watch the film. It will lead you through the scenes of beautiful landscape, give you a taste of the province’s history and culture, let you see the province’s economic prosperity, its best tourist attractions and places of historical and cultural interests. Watch the film and you will see what Zhejiang looks like in our heart and soul.

SOURCE: Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of News

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