Preliminary agenda out for 2019 Global Moringa Meet

Preliminary agenda out for 2019 Global Moringa Meet

A preliminary agenda has been announced for the 2019 Global Moringa Meet taking place Nov 23-25 in Jaipur, India. With comprehensive program tracks titled Food stocks & Feedstock Supply Chains and Technologies, Farm Design to development, Production & Processing Operation, this year’s event will feature Whole Moringa Utilisation from soil to superfood, from farm to fuel, from seed to sustainability, various presentations on all aspects of Moringa from tree to technology scale-up, Food and health supplement considerations, emerging feedstock opportunities, project development for various end usages and more—with a core focus on integration opportunities to explore the plant’s potentials for people and planet to ensure Profitable Sustainable inclusive growth.

Presentation topics include:

-Project Updates

-Capitalising on the Moringa Industry

-Moringa Cultivation, Harvest, Storage and Transport

-Moringa Plantation Key Strategies

-Moringa Product development and Optimisation

-Integrating Food supplement Production system with intensive cultivation

-Process Pathways: Approaches on the Cusp of Commercialisation

- Biofuel Production Pathways

- Cutting Edge Moringa R&D;

-Value Development and Biological Pathways

-Value Addition to Moringa Projects with use of by products.

-Organic development Pathways

- Strategies for Maximising Moringa Yields

-Best Practices in Silviculture to increase productivity and ease harvest

-Cutting back on Losses during Seed Harvest, Storage & Oil Extraction

-Proper Moringa leaf growing, harvesting and processing techniques

As the Global Moringa Meet gears up for its eighth year, the very values that it set have also seen it soar in popularity over the years. Taking place on 23-25 November 2019 in the Jaipur, the UN recognised heritage city, the 2019 Global Moringa Meet will be the 7th edition.

“The Global Moringa Meet is an excellent opportunity to connect with experts and decision makers in the field of Moringa production for a sustainable future!”

Today’s Moringa growers/ producers face a real vacuum when it comes to acquiring training in the cutting edge techniques that are emerging in the field. The Global Moringa Meet is the only program or place where, through precise classroom instruction and on-field learning, they can get the exact methodology, tools, and techniques to grow Moringa crop successfully in a context of heightened efficiency. The goal is to take their Moringa endeavor to the next level.

Learn from the foremost experts in the field

Since launching “The Global Moringa Meet” in 2012, Dp Maharshi has been internationally recognized as one of the leading experts in the field of Moringa farming, becoming an inspiration for Moringa growers/produces worldwide.

Learn a comprehensive methodology

There are hundreds different people giving all kinds of different Moringa farming advice out there, and it can get pretty confusing. Farming unlike mechanics has many variances under the same input environment. Many different methods of establishment, farming and harvesting are possible. Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC) has specifically developed and designed best different technology for harvesting Moringa leaves and for Moringa Seed Oil with ways to guide towards the right balance of cost, yield, and labor and finally cost per ton. By following our complete tried tested and true methodology for growing high-quality Moringa crop for leaf/seed oil production in a context of heightened efficiency, you can rest assured that what you are doing actually all works together.

About Advanced Biofuel Center

The Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC) is amongst the world leader in scientific commercialisation of Moringa crop across the globe and its research findings and on-hand field experiences in respect of various technical, agronomical/silvicultural aspects of plantations of Moringa in various categories of land as well under different plantation models have resulted in significant improvements in knowledge and technical background related to productivity, profitability and sustainability of commercial production of Moringa crop.

The ABC is a bio- crop research and development company that is meeting global demand for sustainable plant oil, specializing in the development of Moringa as a low-cost, sustainable source of oil, earlier announced the launch of MOMAX3, a proprietary cultivar of Moringa optimised for Moringa growing conditions with yields 300 per cent greater than existing varieties.

Marking the successful completion of 11 year journey of research, trials and experiments, ABC announced that it has developed the Moringa industry’s most productive seeds for leaf Harvesting and named it as “MOL’E Moringa, the seeds are being hailed by ABC as a breakthrough in Moringa Health & Food productivity that could yield 30 tons of superior quality dry Moringa leaves per ha per year in a Super High Densitive Moringa Farming System for leaf harvesting.

Those who are looking for MOMAX3 Moringa seeds for plantation for seed oil production or MOL’E Moringa seed for leaf harvesting may submit their requirement here

While talking to Eco-Business, Dp Maharshi, GMM2019 -founder and leading expert said: “We’re so delighted to see that enthusiasm for the Global Moringa Meet growing year after year, and believe it reflects the changing mindset in what good Moringa farming, food/oil production and land stewardship looks like. “

This year’s programme tackles key issues that have dominated in discussions and celebration of Moringa stake holders from planting to profit, from soil to oil, from farm to market

GMM2019 -founder Mr. Maharshi, said: “MOMAX3 Moringa seed variety increasingly offers some certainty in how you manage your farm and business. Its power lies in the ability to tackle problem of low yields holistically and proactively, as well as providing some vital resilience in the face of shocks like extreme weather .”

Practical session is always a key part of the Meet and this year some timely skills are being explored, including agroforestry, soil management, super high densitive farming, mulching, drought resilience, business advice and more.

Maharshi added: “We have our usual diverse crowd of delegates, which is made up of a mix of growers, activists, food producers, and new entrants. We have 12 speakers – the world class scientists and experts. We’re celebrating our eighth birthday in style.”

“Our comprehensive agenda will cover the progress towards the commercialisation of Moringa and its innovations occurring in the industry.” said Mr. Dp Maharshi while highlighting the main theme of the programme

“The 2019 Global Moringa Meet is a must attend event for all stakeholders/practitioners/ professionals in key sectors including Biofuel and biobased chemicals production; agribusiness; petroleum and petrochemical refining; Food and Health supplement processing; waste management; finance; aviation; Pharmacy and Cosmetic; government/military; research and academia.” He further added.

The Global Moringa Meet is the only event that focuses entirely on making a commercial success of the Moringa economy, so we can find viable, long-term, sustainable solutions to fuel, feed and heal our growing population whilst hopefully preserving natural habitats for the creatures and plants who share our planet with us.

It brings together all stakeholders to share experiences and expertise, dissect the complexities, overcome the challenges, and collaboratively drive change through commercially viable innovation.

The 7th Global Moringa Meet; Moringa Production to Applications Workshop to be held on 23-25 November in Jaipur, INDIA guarantees focus on essential practices in Moringa planting, harvesting and processing. The workshop will redirect Moringa Cultivation Activity towards the greater returns, as participants will be able to compare Best Practices in Planting, Harvesting & Processing.

Those seeking to add value to their Moringa Cultivation Activity need to visit; to find out more about the Moringa Meet 2019 and how to register for this International workshop on Moringa.

The Registration is open. Who are interested in working towards a more sustainable food and moringa agricultural system, from farmers and growers to scientists and policy-makers, should register.

There are definitely some exciting developments occurring in the Moringa sector. The 7th Global Moringa Meet India will place them under the proverbial spotlight with input from the key Moringa scientists.

Register for Moringa Meet- 23-25 Nov 2019, Jaipur, India Today! Don’t delay, as there are only limited seats.

DP MAHARSHI, Moringa India


Advanced Biofuel Center

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