Greenology & WY-TO Unveil The Urban Green Evolution

SingaporeGreenology & WY-TO architects will unveil The Urban Green Evolution @ E50, GreenUrbanscapeAsia 2013 exhibition held at the Singapore EXPO on Thursday, 7 November 2013. Conceived as a progression and movement in pushing the boundaries in the art and science of greening for urban architecture and ecology, the pavilion design demonstrates the shared philosophy, holistic thinking and multidisciplinary approach by both practices.

The Urban Green Evolution is based on Urban Greenery as the bridge between Urban Architecture and Urban Ecology for a truly sustainable ecosystem. Our current urban habitats have pushed trees, vegetation and other living species out of its natural context, at times force-fitting them into our harsh urban environments and upsetting the biodiversity balance. As a key enabler bringing about human, environmental and property benefits, urban greening solutions are seen as the vegetative ‘connective tissues’. They realise urban architecture, protecting yet integrating people in their spaces with other living flora and fauna for better lives, work and play. The pavilion design shows how urban greening can be meaningfully applied in novel and unconventional ways, integrated with principles of sustainable design development and sustainable materials to achieve Urban Ecology in a state of equilibrium.

Veera Sekaran, Managing Director and Principal of Greenology said “This evolution is really brought about by pushing the boundaries of urban greening applications, going beyond the usual façade and roofs. The mark of progressiveness lies in the sustainability, versatility, accessibility as a cost-effective solution… the ability of urban greening to transform an ordinary vertical space into a living, thriving environment.”

Yann Follain, Architect and Founding Partner of WY-TO explained “Too often sustainable design is talked about for sustainability’s sake, much like green washing. We are expressing it in actuality using principles of sustainable urban architecture, integrating urban greenery as a key sustainable material in order to restore the relationship of man with nature and other living species.”

About Greenology

Since 2008, Greenology has been consistently pushing to market creative vertical greenery solutions that transform ordinary spaces into living, thriving environments. From sprawling commercial properties to small residential balconies, in countries as diverse as Singapore, Australia, India, Indonesia and Japan, all Greenology installationsare passionately hand-crafted by our team of designers and engineers who combine the art and science of botany, horticulture and landscape architecture to produce living tapestries that not only work, but work sustainably. Among our achievements are the iconic green walls at the Singapore F1 Pit Building and the award-winning Belmont Road residential vertical gardens.

Our mission? Simply this: To make urban living so much more enriching by greening our world, one wall at a time. Boldly, creatively, sustainably.

About WY-TO

Yann Follain and Pauline Gaudry are the co-founders of WY-TO, an architectural design studio based both in Singapore and Paris. Following an experience in multiple approaches to architecture around the world and several years in Asia, Yann Follain established WY-TO pte. ltd. in Singapore. WY-TO develops their projects to design an alternative built environment and improve the daily life. Solving space issues, having direct and positive impact on people’s existence and improving their quality of life are values that WY-TO’s team promotes.

Living and working in Singapore influenced the way Yann Follain designs, which is highly contextual and related to the tropical environment. For instance, making buildings more open, enhancing cross-ventilation and ensuring sufficient protection against harsh sun and heavy rains are some concepts WY-TO applied as living with the surroundings: “Having less boundary between inside and outside.”

WY-TO tends to develop more projects in the near future to bring to Singapore and Southeast Asia high quality works in Tropical Sustainable Architecture. << An architecture that would genuinely re-enact how humans interact with buildings and environment at the turn of the 21st century in Southeast Asia.>>

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