Have 90 seconds? Change companies for good

International auditing firm Mazars has launched a global challenge for aspiring young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to test their innovative ideas through the #Mazarsforgood Innovation Challenge.

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Ninety seconds is all it takes for young entrepreneurs to change companies for good. This is the concept behind a new global competition which aims to encourage the younger generation of business leaders to put their creative ideas forward in the form of a 90-second video. 

International auditing and accountancy firm Mazars Group launched the #Mazarsforgood Innovation Challenge on January 26, inviting young entrepreneurs, as well as so-called intrapreneurs, the change makers within large firms, to submit their innovative ideas and get a chance to win a prize of US$20,000 while enhancing the sustainabiity of businesses.

Mazars is looking for participants aged 20 to 30 who can form a team of two to three and submit their ideas by creating a 90-second video under any of three categories – Ideas for you, the Employee, Ideas for Business and Ideas for Society.

Ideas must show creativity and boldness, relevance and inclusiveness in addressing social needs, quality of the video presentation, popularity and feasibility, Mazars said on its website. 

The Belgium-based auditing firm said it wants to learn from these young entrepreneurs as these millennials, the term used to refer to people from this generation, comprise 80 per cent of its staff worldwide. 

Laurent Choian, chief people and communications officer for Mazars Group, commented: “We don’t have to simply transmit old stories; we have to change and push the next generation to create their own successful standards.” 

The videos must be uploaded on YouTube or Youku and shared on other social media networks with the #mazarsforgood hashtag. The challenge for the entrepreneurs is to get at least 200 ‘likes’ on their videos for their application to be considered for the prize.

Winners of each category will receive the top prize, while second and third place teams get US$2,000 and US$1,000 respectively. A special prize for the most popular idea will also be given US$1,000. Top-prize winners will also have the chance to present their projects before Mazars’s top leaders in Brussels, Belgium in December.

Videos must be submitted on or before April 14, 2015. 


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