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Fifty-two year-old Thái Nguyên resident Phạm Dũng holding a puppy
As dog meat bans sweep across Asia, Vietnam is one of the few countries in Asia where consuming canines remains legal. Puppy-fattening farmer Phạm Dũng tells Eco-Business why he switched to growing bean sprouts. Meanwhile, experts debate the link between the dog meat trade and rabies.
The H5N1 virus is spreading rapidly among seabirds and sea mammals, causing deaths from pole to pole.
An analysis of public health data in Cambodia has found increased rates of malnutrition among children born in areas where deforestation had recently occurred.
Thailand Covid
A health security index by the Asian Development Bank found that early investment in health infrastructure limited the impacts of Covid-19. Thailand topped the ranking. Vietnam did not score well, but prevented the highest number of cases.
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Deadly diseases carried by mosquitoes are spreading due to weather brought about by climate change. A bacteria-based solution could be key to fighting back.
Indonesia's laws aren't effectively cracking down on rampant animal trafficking
As long as the law does not recognise it as transnational organised crime, the illegal trade of wildlife will continue to flourish in Indonesia.
To limit the impact of the coming crises on lives and livelihoods, governments must take urgent action to boost the resilience of their health systems.
Climate-driven migration and shrinking animal habitats increase the risk that viruses and bacteria will jump from animal hosts to humans–just as SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, likely did.
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