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The ExxonMobil-NTU-A*STAR Corporate Lab was launched in April
Students from Singapore's Nanyang Technological University says there is a conflict of interest in the oil major's involvement in a project that claims "to help build a more sustainable future," and point to the firm's checkered history on climate. NTU and Exxon have defended the lab, saying it supports the green energy transition.
HYLI 2022 students
Studio EB With the past three years characterised by a global health crisis, geopolitical conflict, and climate-induced extreme weather, the Hitachi Young Leaders Initiative sees the youth as the new custodians of the future – able to find opportunity within challenges
Indigenous Youths Laetania and Yurshell
This World Indigenous Peoples Day, Eco-Business asks Indigenous youths from Asia and Latin America what the world can learn from their cultures about fighting climate change.
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